The art of loving

This work describes the fallacious values ​​of today. The figure of a naked woman is supposed to evoke in men their natural desire for a beautiful female body, and the dog that is carried on her body and licks her breast represents a fallacious value that degrades the mother's maternal instinct. However, this fallacious value does not deter a man from such a woman. But when a man notices a tied-up child hidden behind the woman, the desire for a perfect female and naked body begins to disappear. Here there are the true values ​​of the woman: love for her beauty and love for animals outweigh the love for her child. This statue should show all the women that female beauty is not everything for a man, it is also important for a woman to prioritize her values, because for a man it is important to love her, to have a child with her. The priority is to give a child the greatest love mother can give her or him. The child's face shows how she or he will value the mother when she will be dependent on his or her care and help in old age. Therefore, the values ​​you raise your child with are the values ​​he or she will live in as an adult.

Height – 175cm
Width – 130cm
Depth – 145cm

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