Without help

My inspiration for this artwork was a very young and handicapped girl named Erika. As a young boy, I visited her and her family only a few times, yet I immediately noticed her twisted and helpless body. She had very skinny arms and legs. Her muscles were not developed at all and were not able to hold up her fragile body. Her eyes, however, were shining and her face emitted unbelievable joy with an honest smile.

At this moment, I realised that handicapped people who depend on the help of others are able to love much more than healthy people because they are so thankful for the time which you can sacrifice for them.

This artwork shows the sadness a person who is dependent on the help of others goes through. The people are passing through but they are not able to help him. They leave him at the mercy of fate.

The scattered shoes symbolize the nature of today´s time and the mess of people´s hearts and souls. The people are empty as the shoes around.

When I first presented this artwork, I had a very strange experience. Three of my empty shoes were stolen by somebody…this confirmed the even greater emptiness of some people.


Height – 75 cm
Width – 68 cm
Depth – 138 cm

socha Bez pomoci

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